Managing Users

Basic Organizational Structure

An installation of SMTPPovider Application consists of organizations. Organizations consist of users. Users have roles defining what they are capable of doing.

System Organization and System Admins

Every SMTPPovider Application installation will have a System Organization. The System Organization may have one or more System Admins.

System Admins are users which are capable of the following:

  • Create and manage organizations
  • Set system-level options such as global headers/footers
  • Create and manage global suppression lists
  • Everything that an Organization Admin may do

Organization Admins

Organization Admins are the masters of their organization and are capable of the following:

  • Create and manage organization-specific suppression lists
  • Create and manage users on the organization
  • Set organization-level options for headers/footers, time zone
  • Everything that a Standard user may do

Standard Users

Standard users exist for day-to-day mailing list and campaign management. They are capable of most things that SMTPPovider Application offers, except for the items excluded above.

Creating New Users

To create new users, sign in as either a System Admin or Organization Admin user, then click the following links:

  • On any page, Admin in the top bar.
  • My Organization below that bar.
  • On your organization page, click Create a user in the Users section.

That form will allow you to create a new user in your organization.