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Once, the free trial is over, you need to log in from the customer login tab at the homepage of www.SMTPprovider.com. The login information of your account has been saved in the system. Click on the button START SERVICE and choose a subscription that fits your emailing needs.

You can maintain a track of email delivery reports by logging onto your personal account at the homepage www.SMTPProvider.com.

1. Select menu point > statistics
2. Select the date for the log files
The successfully sent mails are marked in green and the unsuccessful are marked in red.

If you tend to be normal user maintaining a single account for usual email requirement, basic subscription should be your subscription. This particular subscription allows you to send 75 emails in a day.

If you wish to share the subscription of SMTPProvider.com with friends and family (going up to 3 addresses), you must always choose the Family subscription that allows you to send 75 emails regularly.

If you require the SMTP service for a work group or company, you can make your choice between three distinct premium subscriptions.

Read more about the packages at our subscription page

Yes, absolutely; SMTPProvider.com safeguards all personal information. You can have a clear idea of this in our business terms.

You can maintain a track of email delivery reports by logging onto your personal account at the homepage www.SMTPProvider.com.

1. Select menu point > statistics
2. Select the date for the log files

The successfully sent mails are marked in green and the unsuccessful are marked in red.

You must verify the port number of your email client. You can also connect to the SMTP Server and request for the port number that is available by making use of the TELNET Protocol.

Click on the Start key
Select Run
Insert the words cmd in the box given and click on the ok tab.
A prompt of MS-DOS will open, where you need to write
telnet SMTPprovider.com 25

Now, click on the OK tab for connecting to the SMTP server.
If the connection tends to be in order, the mail server will be offering you an answer from the telnetwindow.
220 mail.SMTPProvider.com ESMTP is now ready. Welcome to SMTPProvider.com

With this particular subscription, you can send emails to 10 normal recipients and 65 BCC or CC recipients. Each recipient actually counts as 1 email sending.

Yes, absolutely; you can make use of the same account with your personal login information on multiple email programs and mobile units. The only limitation that tends to come up is the number of emails that can be sent, as it depends on your subscription solely. We are only concerned with the SMTP Login and are not much concerned about the domains of use. This allows you to send emails from several email accounts and domain.

The password that is chosen alongside your subscription must always be used for personal login. The auto-generated password that you have received with the details of email set-up in the welcome mail must be used for the set-up of email program. You can change the mail set-up password through your account anytime.

A number of subscription types are available with SMTPProvider.com and you can choose one based on your needs –

You can check the detail of the subscription offers here.

With , you hardly need to login for sending mails through multiple addresses and compromise on your professional identity SMTPProvider.com allows you to mail via your personal account regardless of the location.

Absolutely not, SMTPProvider.com has high security standards and regularly updates the system. Additionally, the servers are used for outgoing transfer of emails exclusively. The emails that are sent are not stored on the SMTP Server. In case, the email delivery fails, the server attempts to send it again for 3 days from the actual receiving time on the server.

You can send mails of maximum 25 MB. A number of mail servers are configured to fit in the data size; however, it is not always applicable. For instance, if you have 20 recipients listed on a similar recipient server, it can cause problems on the network of receiving the mails. Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid sending large emails. Any email that comes to approximately 20 mb is send as 25 mb while emailing.


Yes, you can. With SMTPprovider.com, you hardly need to alter your email set-up while, on the go. One, your computer is set with the login and password of SMTPprovider.com, you can send emails from all international networks. If the internet provider of the foreign network restricts port 25, all you need to do is change to port 587 or 2525. To know how to change the port on several email programs, read here.

While, sending an email, the message is sent from a single mail provider to the next till the time it arrives. It might so happen that the recipient’s mail server was offline or out of operation temporarily. The server of SMTPProvider.com will always try to deliver the email sent for three days ensuring its delivery. You can always maintain a track of email status in the control panel of SMTPProvider.com while, being logged in your account at SMTPprovider.com.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a recent emailing standard that is designed to fight forgery of email addresses and help in spam identification along with worms and viruses. SPF is being acknowledged internationally as an acceptable approach of fighting spam and authenticating the email sender’s identity. It helps in authenticating the address of an email sender on the server sending the email. For details regarding the SPF theory and publishing guide of SPF records, visit Pobox.com.

FAQ subscriptions

After, you are done with the purchasing of SMTPProvider.com subscription, you generally receive 2 mails.

A receipt acknowledging the purchase
An email with the set-up guide of the account

The password that is chosen by you during the subscription purchase must be exclusively used for your personal login through the homepage www.SMTPProvider.com. The mail offering the account information also provides the log-in that must be used for setting up the email account allowing you to send mails via the outgoing server of SMTPprovider.com. you can change the password in the account set-up.

Yes, an expansion of subscription online is possible by logging onto the control panel of SMTPprovider.com. You will be receiving a reminder email, at least 10 days prior to the expiry of the subscription. A second notice will also be sent just two days prior to the expiry of the account. Your subscription automatically expires, if you do not wish expanding the subscription of your account.

A menu of extending the subscription is available, once you login to the account; you can purchase additional emails daily. The email Buffer always offers an additional email amount ensuring that you hardly run out.

Yes, all payments through SMTPProvider.com are carried on the secured server of PayPal SSL.
The payment transaction of SMTPProvider.com are secured via 3-D