Change Log

SMTPProvider Application v4.86.0

New Features & Improvements

Subscriber Quotas: You may now set a limit to the number of active subscribers in an organization. See the “Billing Features” documentation for more information.

The Return-Path for Remote List campaigns no longer includes the original email address, making its localpart no longer than 64 characters.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Remote List recipient data is now properly rotated by the data retention option for “Recipient Data of Campaign”.

SMTPProvider Application v4.85.0

New Features & Improvements

Speed improvements in message injection.

System administrators may now browse the list of mailing lists on an organization from the Organizations index page.

System administrators may now create subscriber exports for other organization’s mailing lists. These exports are only visible to the system organization.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix crash in Special Sending Rules when Segmentation Criteria contains UTF-8.

SMTPProvider Application v4.84.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Subscriber imports would fail when overwriting existing subscribers with upper-case in their email address.

SMTPProvider Application v4.84.0

New Features & Improvements

Speed improvements to the subscriber import.

Leading and trailing whitespace will now be stripped from Remote List email addresses.

SMTPProvider Application v4.83.0

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix errors that could prevent deleting segments, campaigns, or mailing lists.

Bug fix: Display bounce code 40 as ‘other’ in the breakdown table by default. Improved how the hard/soft/other classification of a bounce is tracked.

Bug fix: Remove an errant button on the VirtualMTA index.

Bug fix: Don’t require confirmation on list-unsubscribe clicks.

Bug fix: Add headers/footers in webview.

SMTPProvider Application v4.82.0

New Features & Improvements

Improvements to the SMTPProvider Application Users API – organization_id is no longer a required field, password does not require duplication as password1 and password2.

Minor graphical changes to the breadcrumbs in the Engine UI.

The view page for VirtualMTAs now include a list of references to it.

Engine API: Add an API for Database Connections.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Improve accuracy of numbers reported by subscriber imports.

Bug fix: Seed Lists can no longer be deleted until any campaign that is using it has finished sending.

Bug fix: Do not require a “scope” parameter when querying old subscriber imports on the API.

Bug fix: Deleted campaigns can no longer cause “name is already used” errors.

Bug fix: Prevent deleted campaigns from delivering.

Bug fix: Corrected a graphical error in custom headers error message.

SMTPProvider Application v4.81.0

New Features & Improvements

Support global and per-campaign speed throttles.

Improved performance of the Jobs page.

Engine API: Add an API for Mail Classes.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Show organization time zone using the current, adjusted for DST, time offset.

SMTPProvider Application v4.80.0

New Features & Improvements

Improve performance of background jobs page

Engine UI: Make VirtualMTA name clickable

Show a warning when the status field is mapped in subscriber imports, to make it clear it will override the configured Status value.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Suppressed addresses could sometimes be undeletable.

SMTPProvider Application v4.79.0

New Features & Improvements

Support Internationalized Domain Names in subscriber email addresses and suppression lists.

Add is active in and is not active in operators to the In Mailing List segment.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Incorrect click tracking links were written when the original <a> tag contained other attributes that end in *href.

Bug fix: In Engine UI, the VirtualMTA select boxes in Routing Rules would sometimes clear errantly.

SMTPProvider Application v4.78.0

New Features & Improvements

Internal improvements.

SMTPProvider Application v4.77.2

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Insert correct unsubscribe links in Subscription Web Form thank you emails.

Bug fix: Improved handling of subscriber imports when multiple imports contain the same email addresses.

Bug fix: Clicks in autoresponder preview emails now redirect correctly.

SMTPProvider Application v4.77.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: prevent exception due to incorrect method signature

Bug fix: prevent users from seeing organization list

SMTPProvider Application v4.77.0

The presentation of Application API keys in the Organization user interface has changed. It now shows the Base64 encoded API key needed for authentication. See the updated API authentication documentation for more information.

New Features & Improvements

Allow segments to select campaigns that have not yet delivered for ‘Subscriber Opened Campaign’.

Improve presentation of API Keys in My Organization screen and API documentation.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Add content keys back to Autoresponder API

SMTPProvider Application v4.76.0

New Features & Improvements

Improved performance and layout for systems with more than 100 IP Addresses

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Incoming Email Domains API: forward_to should be an array

SMTPProvider Application v4.75.0

New Features & Improvements

Engine API

UI Improvements to Engine

Provide ignore_redirect_url option in subscription forms

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Translate “now” to “este segundo” in Portugese

Bug fix: Move campaign status strings to language file

Bug fix: Change suppression list name unique index to not fail for deleted lists

Bug fix: Do not return deleted records over Application Bounce Email / URL Domain / Virtual MTA APIs.

SMTPProvider Application v4.74.0

New Features & Improvements

Enable New Engine UI as the default interface for Virtual MTAs.

New Engine UI interface improvements.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent a spurious validation error when updating boolean custom fields.

Bug fix: Campaigns can no longer be scheduled without a segmentation criteria over the API.

Bug fix: Do not include deleted Virtual MTAs, Bounce Emails, and URL Domains in API results.

SMTPProvider Application v4.73.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Deleting suppression lists that are in use will now present an error page letting you know what’s using it.

Bug fix: Prevent problems caused in the JSON API when {e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c} is present in the request body.

Bug fix: Autoresponder previews will now respect the track opens / track links setting.

Bug fix: Message sent reports were inconsistent with respect to Daylight Saving Time.

Bug fix: Improve validation error messages presented on the Subscribers API.

Bug fix: When stats are rotated, only log a message to the campaign log if any stats were deleted.

SMTPProvider Application v4.73.0

New Features & Improvements

Introduce a new system and organization option to require unsubscribe links in campaign content.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Support API: replacement codes from API Autoresponders in click redirection.

Bug fix: Prevent double adjustment of timezone in organization message sent report.

SMTPProvider Application v4.72.0

New Features & Improvements

Add support in New Engine UI for setting throttle programs as percentages in addition to fixed values.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fixed a problem with the Zip Code segment that could prevent the segment from matching anyone.

SMTPProvider Application v4.71.0

New Features & Improvements

New options to text and multiline custom fields for controlling how the custom
field data will be interpolated. Existing fields will behave as they previously
did – but new multiline fields will default to having newlines converted to BR
tags when replaced into HTML content. You may also now control whether or not
custom field data is used encoded or raw when replaced in HTML or URL content.

SMTPProvider Application v4.70.4

New Features & Improvements

Major speed improvements to the “Distribute Unsubs / Bounces / Spam Complaints” feature on organizations.

Speed improvements on message delivery.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Pagination in the “Throttle Rules Currently in Backoff Mode” report.

SMTPProvider Application v4.70.3

New Features & Improvements

Performance improvements in the following segment clauses: In Mailing List, Subscriber Clicked Link, Subscriber In Campaign, Subscriber Opened Campaign

If a campaign’s schedule is edited to start in the recent past, its start time will be set to the current time.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Seed list API was not returning addresses_array, contrary to the API documentation. It now returns this array.

Bug fix: Navigation surrounding the subscriber search screen has been improved. The ‘Cancel’ button on that screen now takes you back to where you came from.

SMTPProvider Application v4.70.2

New Features & Improvements

Performance improvements to the In Mailing List segmentation clause.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Engine: Several buttons had incorrect size

Bug fix: Engine: Improved word wrapping for long table cells

SMTPProvider Application v4.70.1

New Features & Improvements

Bug fixes and graphical design tweaks in the New Engine UI.

SMTPProvider Application v4.70.0

New Features & Improvements

Includes an optional beta version of a new interface for part of SMTPProvider Engine’s configuration.

Performance improvements in open tracking

SMTPProvider Application v4.69.1

New Features & Improvements

Further optimizations in the organization purger

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Segmenting by zipcodes with leading zeroes now properly matches Number custom fields

Bug fix: Prevent invalid values in delivery settings due to a change in organization permissions when duplicating campaigns or create new campaigns from templates

Bug fix: Log to the campaign history anytime the scheduled start time is changed, not just the first time the campaign is scheduled

SMTPProvider Application v4.69.0

New Features & Improvements

Performance improvements in message generation and hand-off to SMTPProvider Engine.

Performance improvements in organization quota allotment.

SMTPProvider Application v4.68.0

New Features & Improvements

Increase the amount of information shown when viewing a subscriber import.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent getting stuck reloading a spinner page when purging an organization.

Bug fix: Prevent non-UTF8 data in Special Sending Rules results from failing a campaign.

SMTPProvider Application v4.67.0

New Features & Improvements

Organizations may now be assigned access to Special Sending Rules.
Only the System Organization is granted access by default.

Added an API for accessing daily or monthly reports of messages sent for an organization.

Performance improvements on click tracking improves redirect speed.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Unsubscribe event notifications now forwards correctly for remote lists with mixed case email addresses.

Bug fix: The view of Engine stats would show incorrect values for “Attempts Deferred” and “Attempts Throttled”.

SMTPProvider Application v4.66.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Mailing Lists that used a Global Custom Field as its primary key, which were subsequently deleted, would prevent that Global Custom Field from being deleted itself.

Bug fix: Support ISO-8859-1 on Subscriber Imports from URL.

SMTPProvider Application v4.66.0

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Invalid UTF-8 in email addresses on remote lists will no longer cause the campaign to pause with a Remote List Load error. These email addresses will be logged and skipped like other invalid email addresses.

Bug fix: Special Sending Rules are now evaluated on seed emails.

SMTPProvider Application v4.65.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix escaping of text custom field segmentation criteria

Bug fix: Enable support for UTF-8 in MSSQL databases, other MSSQL fixes

Bug fix: Remove HTML entities from warnings about system config stat retention

Bug fix: Allow duplicate filenames in user file space (subscriber imports)

Bug fix: Don’t fail subscriber imports if the local file is deleted after splitting is complete

Bug fix: Fix scrolling issue with sticky nav in certain browsers

Bug fix: Prevent timing issue when cancelling a subscriber import that could lead to the import being stuck

Bug fix: Clean up jobs index, wrapping and stickynav issues

SMTPProvider Application v4.65.0

New Features & Improvements

New autoresponder trigger ‘API’. With this, you can create an autoresponder that triggers via an API request. See the ‘Subscribers API: Trigger Autoresponders on a Subscriber’ documentation for more information.

SMTPProvider Application v4.64.2

New Features & Improvements

Show full URL in the “Clicks by URL” table in a tooltip if it is long enough to be truncated

Changed the default of the “Include subscribers with blank, unknown, or invalid zip codes” checkbox when segmenting by zip code to true

Speed improvements during subscriber import splitting

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix stickynav layout when link/dropdown is present in stickynav

SMTPProvider Application v4.64.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix replacement of subscriber id/email for confirmation redirects on web forms

SMTPProvider Application v4.64.0

New Features & Improvements

Support custom field replacement on redirect URLs on web forms

Increased parallelism of subscriber imports, resulting in improved import speed

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent stickynav from disappearing toward the bottom of campaign view pages

Bug fix: Expire system config cache after 15 seconds, causing background jobs to pick up on new system settings without bouncing

Bug fix: Prevent a passenger null value for process counts from crashing hvmail_Application_metrics

SMTPProvider Application v4.63.2

New Features & Improvements

Fix support for some Emoji Unicode in transactional emails

Increase work done by each subscriber export thread, increasing throughput of subscriber exports.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent ‘Boolean Custom Field is true’ from failing to match when referenced from an ‘Is Not In Segment’ clauses.

SMTPProvider Application v4.63.1

New Features & Improvements

Tweaks to the HTML sanitizer to increase compatibility with responsive CSS on webviews.

SMTPProvider Application v4.62.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix issue in new installation database creation

Bug fix: Prevent exception page when saving an invalid segment on a remote list

Bug fix: Ignore extraneous blank lines in CSV files when importing subscribers

SMTPProvider Application v4.62.0

New Features & Improvements

Add new events Application_subscriber_created and Application_subscriber_updated.

SMTPProvider Application v4.61.2

New Features & Improvements

Allow sending campaign preview emails with deleted engine objects

SMTPProvider Application v4.61.1

New Features & Improvements

Improve how stat purged dates are shown when viewing subscriber records

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Suppressed addresses could not be removed on the UI

Bug fix: Allow global custom fields for zip code segment

Bug fix: Hide the ‘Invalid Organization Selections’ banner from the organization page for non-system-admins – as they cannot do anything about it.

SMTPProvider Application v4.61.0

New Features & Improvements

Add support for Special Sending Rules on Web Forms and Autoresponders.

SMTPProvider Application v4.60.0

New Features & Improvements

Add an endpoint to the subscribers API for unsubscribes. This endpoint receives a token that is embedded into the campaign content with a replacement code. See the API documentation for more information.

Unsubscribe links should now be resistant to accidental clicks by spambots.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent rewriting campaign image URLs that were created in a different campaign.

SMTPProvider Application v4.59.2

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Autoresponders could not switch from using named segments to anonymous segments

Bug fix: Distance validation was preventing new US Zip Code segments from being created

SMTPProvider Application v4.59.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix issue in new stored procedures preventing upgrades to latest version.

SMTPProvider Application v4.59.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a new criteria for segmenting subscribers within range of a target United States zip code. This feature uses a custom field that contains the subscriber’s zip code.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: scheduling campaigns for the same day without specifying the year could schedule for the next year

SMTPProvider Application v4.58.1

New Features & Improvements

Make 1230 parse as 12:30pm instead of 12:30am when scheduling campaigns

Update campaigns API doc to include missing sender_email field

Accept iso8601 on campaign started_at filter on campaigns API

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Hide inbox section on autoresponders statistics

Bug fix: Prevent full table scan when adding to suppression lists on the API

Bug fix: Hide autoresponders on deleted mailing lists when viewing the list of autoresponders

Bug fix: Prevent invalid values for email_format from reaching the database on the campaigns API

SMTPProvider Application v4.58.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a Duplicate button to autoresponders.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: System Campaigns API would return an error for campaigns that had no stat counts. Now zeroes will be returned.

Bug fix: Handle UTF-8 properly on campaigns that have over 1,000 different links due to special sending rules.

SMTPProvider Application v4.57.2

New Features & Improvements

Subscriber exports now write time values in organization time zone instead of UTC.

Improved wording on suppression list forms describing the global flags.

Speed improvements to the ‘subscriber did/not open any campaign’ segmentation criteria.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Form delivery settings are no longer validated when updating mailing list settings, preventing strange errors from showing up on that form.

SMTPProvider Application v4.57.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Busy autoresponders sometimes failed in being deleted.

Bug fix: Prevent an exception on click throughs of autoresponders.

SMTPProvider Application v4.57.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a button to duplicate stored segments or convert a campaign’s anonymous segment to a stored segment.

Support new replacement codes; data_from_email data_from_name data_sender_email data_reply_to_email data_subscribe_date_long data_subscribe_date_database data_subscribe_ip; See documentation here:

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Mixed-mode content images will no longer fail to render in the content preview.

Bug fix: Don’t change a campaign’s state to unpaused when scheduling it. Previously, campaigns could not be created as scheduled, on-hold.

Bug fix: Increase Redis timeout from 5 seconds to 1 minute. This reduces the risk of false failures during periods of particularly heavy load.

SMTPProvider Application v4.56.0

New Features & Improvements

Improve the campaigns API support for split-testing.

Add optional flag to campaigns API for retrieving Engine SendID.

Add custom email headers to organizations.

SMTPProvider Application v4.55.1

New Features & Improvements

Increase Special Sending Rule startup timeout from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. This should reduce some SSR failures due to an overly aggressive timeout.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent an error message on new campaigns.

SMTPProvider Application v4.55.0

New Features & Improvements

Remote Lists, documentation is available at:

SMTPProvider Application v4.54.3

New Features & Improvements

Add a System Preview Settings option to allow Campaigns and Autoresponders to override the Virtual MTA used for preview delivery.

SMTPProvider Application v4.54.2

Packaging changes for deployment.

SMTPProvider Application v4.54.1

New Features & Improvements

Allow special sending rule to be set when creating or updating a campaign on the API.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Clean up how long, unbroken segment names look on the campaigns index.

Bug fix: X-Mailer-Info is now correct for autoresponders.

SMTPProvider Application v4.54.0

New Features & Improvements

Provide a couple ways to specify which autoresponders run when creating or updating a subscriber on the API. See the Autoresponders API documentation for further details.

SMTPProvider Application v4.53.1

New Features & Improvements

Implemented a new query logic for suppressing campaign addresses. This should result in faster queries when evaluating suppression.

New operator option for segmenting on subscriber date custom fields ‘in the last days’ and ‘not in the last days’.

SMTPProvider Application v4.53.0

New Features & Improvements

Add status command line tool hvmail_Application_metrics.

The ‘Subscriber in Campaign’ segment should run much faster now.

Improve the process of deleting segmentation criterion. They may now be deleted if they were only referenced by campaigns that have finished sending (previously such segments could not be removed from the system).

All requests to the API paths are now considered ‘application/json’ (previously an error would result if Content-Type of the request was absent).

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Also rotate stats on campaigns that failed or were cancelled.

Bug fix: Use /var/hvmail/var/tmp for the temporary files when preparing imports.

Bug fix: Do not require content be provided when updating existing autoresponders.

Bug fix: Campaigns that were failed or cancelled now have their stats properly rotated (previously only successfully, fully finished campaigns were rotated).

SMTPProvider Application v4.52.1

New Features & Improvements

All requests on API paths will now be treated as JSON, even if they don’t supply Content-Type.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Adding suppressed addresses on the API is now substantially faster.

Bug fix: Improved record estimation when importing subscribers from files with CR line endings.

SMTPProvider Application v4.52.0

New Features & Improvements

Use ‘.csv’ file extension for CSV exports, ‘.txt’ file extension for TSV exports.

Improve the process of deleting custom fields. Custom fields now check their dependencies and offer more insight into why it cannot be deleted.

Add system configuration options for adding Bounces and Unsubscribes to a global suppression list.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Corrected some minor layout issues that had buttons/text falling off the edge of tables.

SMTPProvider Application v4.51.0

New Features & Improvements

Add an option to subscriber imports to specify a URL to retrieve the import data

Support the SSL option from Engine’s URL Domains. URLs generated for opens, clicks, and webviews will now be HTTPS if the URL Domain is configured as SSL.

Add additional Special Sending Rule examples.

SMTPProvider Application v4.50.1

New Features & Improvements

The current credit usage now appears on the ‘System’ screen.

The subscriber import API now supports overwriting subscriber status, see the overwrite_what: status option.

Users may now upload files to API user accounts. Use the organization ID as the username and the API key as the password. This is how users should upload files that will in turn be used in the subscriber imports API.

Add an API for retrieving subscribers from a mailing list. See documentation here:

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Names of deleted suppression lists may now be re-used.

Bug fix: The name of the content_type field was incorrectly referred to as mime_type in the Special Sending Rules Attachments documentation.

Bug fix: Setting mailing lists to use an alternate primary key resulted in an error.

SMTPProvider Application v4.50.0

New Features & Improvements

Allow users to promote custom fields from being associated with a single mailing list to be global to the organization. This is done from the My Organization page.

Provide an API for system administrators to pull a list of all campaigns that have started sending. This includes sending, paused, cancelled, finished and failed campaigns.

If an embedded subscription web form includes a redirect_url field value, subscribers will be redirected to the specified URL after filling out the form.

SMTPProvider Application v4.49.2

New Features & Improvements

Notice: The segmentation criteria ‘Subscriber Date Confirmed’ has changed slightly – previously the ‘not in the last X days’ operator would NOT include subscribers who have never confirmed. Now, subscribers who have never confirmed ARE included in ‘not in the last X days’.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Click handling on seed lists no longer sometimes results in an error page.

Bug fix: Correct a layout issue with long subscriber email addresses viewing the subscribers list.

Bug fix: Web form custom field values are no longer cleared on validation errors when creating a new form.

SMTPProvider Application v4.49.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent failed Special Sending Rules from validating multiple times on campaign preview emails.

Bug fix: Ignore values from deleted custom fields when building campaign preview emails.

Bug fix: Custom field values are now URI escaped when building URLs in click redirects.

SMTPProvider Application v4.49.0

New Features & Improvements

Add options to special sending rules to control error handling.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Show organization global fields on the subscriber edit page.

SMTPProvider Application v4.48.0

New Features & Improvements

General optimizations to Autoresponders to make them more efficient.

Added a new API for creating campaign and autoresponder preview emails.

Added an option to subscriber imports for specifying date format – either MDY or DMY.

SMTPProvider Application v4.47.0

New Features & Improvements

Special Sending Rules now support adding attachments.

Idle user sessions will expire after 30 days.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: When creating subscriber imports and assigning forced values, dropdown custom fields will no longer be disabled at first.

Bug fix: New custom fields were failing to be made visible on existing subscription web forms.

SMTPProvider Application v4.46.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix incorrect results when ‘Subscriber Opened’ and ‘Subscriber Clicked’ clauses are referenced by a ‘Not In Segment’ rule.

SMTPProvider Application v4.46.0

New Features & Improvements

Add an API endpoint for retrieving campaign link statistics.

SMTPProvider Application v4.45.2

New Features & Improvements

Add started_at filtering parameters to the campaigns index API.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Suppression list imports temporary files are now cleaned up like Subscriber Imports.

SMTPProvider Application v4.45.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Nesting segments that use JOINs (Subscriber Opened and Subscriber Clicked) no longer cause validation failures.

Bug fix: Year boundaries in the JavaScript calendar now select the correct date.

SMTPProvider Application v4.45.0

New Features & Improvements

Add ‘In Segmentation Criteria’ segmentation clause to allow building complex, nested segments.

Campaigns can now be configured to send using multiple seed lists.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: The subscribers API now returns not_found if a mailing list has been deleted, instead of not_authorized.

SMTPProvider Application v4.44.0

New Features & Improvements

Add API for deleting mailing lists.

Add API for ad hoc segmentation criterion on Campaigns. Support includes creating/updating campaigns with segments to target all active subscribers, or subscribers that exist in another mailing list.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix name of track_links attribute in Campaigns API.

SMTPProvider Application v4.43.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a subscriber imports API.

Organizations may now have custom fields associated with them, giving every mailing list on the organization access to them.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.6

New Features & Improvements

Add alt attribute to open image tags.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent exception on subscriber activity table due to empty events with purged stats.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.5

New Features & Improvements

Improvement: Allow non-ASCII names for various objects: Campaigns, Mailing Lists, From Name, among others

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.4

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent timeout issues in campaign preview rendering and HTML to text conversions.

Bug fix: Segmentation criteria deletion screen offered some invalid options.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.3

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent strange time zone abbreviations from causing time to parse incorrectly.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.2

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Fix links in campaign previews on system with lots of previews.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.1

New Features & Improvements

Expanded text in disk throttle notification email with a note to system admins.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Autoresponders API controller was not filtering statistics based upon the requested dates.

SMTPProvider Application v4.42.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a ‘Campaign / Autoresponder Send Default’ field for custom fields. This value will be used during delivery if the subscriber has no value for that custom field.

SMTPProvider Application v4.41.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: The subscribers API was not correctly returning results for mixed-case subscriber records.

Bug fix: The subscriber import was failing if an invalid date was specified for custom fields.

Bug fix: Special Sending Rules were not properly previewing Checkboxes custom fields.

SMTPProvider Application v4.41.0

New Features & Improvements

Special Sending Rules

SMTPProvider Application v4.40.0

New Features & Improvements

Add stat rotation options for opens, clicks, bounces, scomps and unsubs – in addition to sents.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Duplicate email addresses with different casing when adding suppressed addresses.

SMTPProvider Application v4.39.0

New Features & Improvements

Change the ‘From’ address of the disk warning emails to use root@/var/hvmail/control/me.

Add support for replacement codes in from_name and from_email fields.

SMTPProvider Application v4.38.1

New Features & Improvements

The subscriber importer will now recommend subscribe_time when you have a column named in past tense like ‘subscribed time’.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Numeric custom fields were incorrectly failing validation when the custom field does not have a maximum value specified.

SMTPProvider Application v4.38.0

New Features & Improvements

Show campaign and autoresponder statistics in Application that were previously only available in the Engine user interface.

Speed up lookups by email address in the subscribers API.

SMTPProvider Application v4.37.2

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Segmentation criteria builder was throwing a JavaScript exception with large domain lists.

SMTPProvider Application v4.37.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Always use system organization time zone when building system and organization send reports.

Bug fix: Link to campaign from autoresponders pointed to the wrong URL.

SMTPProvider Application v4.37.0

New Features & Improvements

Add a subscriber activity log when viewing an individual subscriber record.

Add a new replacement code {e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}data_current_year{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c} that will replace with the current year in four digits.

The campaign show page will now refresh the ‘Statistics’ section automatically.

There is a new system option for disk throttling. This allows campaigns to automatically be slowed down as SMTPProvider Engine’s disk is filled.

Custom fields may no longer be named after valid replacement codes. Existing custom fields are grandfathered in.

There is now a ‘Duplicate’ button on mailing lists.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent campaigns from being scheduled in the past.

SMTPProvider Application v4.36.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Escape HTML entities numerically to support email clients that don’t understand &apos;.

Bug fix: Previews on the ‘confirm send’ no longer fail to render images.

Bug fix: Large HTML on the autoresponders edit page no longer breaks the ‘delay’ and ‘action’ dropdowns.

Bug fix: Fix a page failure when sending to a large segment on an organization with quotas enabled.

SMTPProvider Application v4.36.0

New Features & Improvements

Add flag to subscribers update API to run autoresponders when updating subscriber.

SMTPProvider Application v4.35.0

New Features & Improvements

Update API documentation for reading a mailing list’s custom fields.

Add an API endpoint for retrieving campaign details by its stat id as well as by its campaign id.

Allow system admin API keys to retrieve all campaigns on the system, not just on the system organization.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Deleted custom field options will no longer appear when retrieving a list of custom fields on the API.

SMTPProvider Application v4.34.2

New Features & Improvements

Only delete campaign sending logs if messages were sent for all recipients.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Emails from web forms are no longer HTML sanitized.

Bug fix: Moved the system ‘Download Sends Report’ button to the correct section.

Bug fix: Prevent new subscription web forms from ignoring selected custom fields.

Bug fix: Fix subscriber count processing in time zones with 30-minute offsets.

Bug fix: Fixed a bug that prevents some organizations from being deleted.

SMTPProvider Application v4.34.1

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Prevent deleted seed lists from causing a campaign duplication to fail.

Bug fix: Prevent bounce handler from raising an exception due to an invalid ID.

SMTPProvider Application v4.34.0

New Features & Improvements

Add indices to the campaign log table to improve history query performance.

Add new APIs that cover suppression lists, campaign templates, autoresponders, custom fields, background jobs, users and organizations.

Bug Fixes

Bug fix: Campaigns with many contents and/or with multiple long names now wraps nicely.

Bug fix: The subscriber update API no longer yields a multiple record error for email addresses that start with integers.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.7

New Features & Improvements

Improve how the subscriber importer parses the ‘Subscriber Status’ field. Allow mixed-case and a variety of potential values.

Speed improvements in the subscriber exporter.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.6

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Render campaign images on the content preview page.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.5

New Features & Improvements

  • Recipient counts are now done in the background when sending a campaign, causing the page to load faster for campaigns with complex segments.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Custom field options will no longer be cached when segmenting, causing options to show up sooner.
  • Bug fix: ‘SMTPProvider Application’ will now be properly replaced within JavaScript strings in white-labeled installations with a system name configured.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.4

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Autoresponders with days/weeks/months delays were being scheduled in UTC instead of the organization’s time zone.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.3

New Features & Improvements

  • Improve the performance of the ‘Subscriber Opened Campaign’ and ‘Subscriber Opened Link’ segments.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Prevent campaigns in progress failing during upgrade.
  • Bug fix: Correct the text on the segmentation criteria button dragging warning dialog okay button.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.2

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Restore proper operation of the time parser when scheduling campaigns in the future.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Make the worker more durable when Redis is slow or missing.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Restore proper redirection when navigating from the subscribers search page.
  • Bug fix: Validate that subscribe_ip contains only printable UTF-8 characters.

SMTPProvider Application v4.33.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add a ‘is not set’ option to custom field segments.
  • Change ‘Campaign ID’ to replace with ‘{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}campaign_id{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}’ in addition to ‘{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}SMTPProvider_campaign_id{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c}’.

SMTPProvider Application v4.32.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add queue length and a button to clear the queue to the Autoresponder page.
  • Mailing Lists may now be configured with Google Analytics integration. This allows campaigns and autoresponders to report opens as Google Analytics events and include Google Analytics URL parameters in clicks.
  • Open the TinyMCE context menu with control-clicks in addition to right-clicks.
  • Integrate credits tracker.
  • Add a ‘none of’ segmentation criteria option to segments against checkbox custom fields.
  • Allow additional characters in the localpart of email addresses, now allowing all of: a-z A-Z 0-9 – . _ + = {e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c} / : + # ; ? ! # $ & ‘ * ` { } ~.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Support UTF-8 properly on campaign previews.
  • Bug fix: Wrap long content names instead of overlaying them over the ‘Turn split testing on’ button.
  • Bug fix: Prevent users from adding or removing content on campaigns that have started sending.

SMTPProvider Application v4.31.1

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Prevent autoresponders from failing when sending from a subscriber import.

SMTPProvider Application v4.31.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved memory usage of the worker processes.
  • Add support for selecting Text or Number custom fields as alternate primary keys on mailing lists.

SMTPProvider Application v4.30.0

New Features & Improvements

  • New replacement code: emailaddress_md5
  • Add a pause button the the mailing list autoresponders table.
  • Move the location of the Send Campaign button, make it green.
  • Sort custom fields on the mailing list page alphabetically.
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.1.2 and Passenger 4.0.45.
  • Event Notification integration with SMTPProvider Engine.
  • Added a Mailing List option to specify a URL to redirect to when subscribers unsubscribe.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Sorting on the clicks table was broken.

SMTPProvider Application v4.29.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add a button when editing campaigns to automatically convert HTML to Text.

SMTPProvider Application v4.28.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Provide replacement options when deleting a segmentation criteria.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Blank custom field checkboxes are now posted on all forms.
  • Bug fix: Restore missing custom fields from Subscription Web Forms.

SMTPProvider Application v4.28.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Allow email address to be added to subscription web forms.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Take into account text custom field values that are NULL in the segmentation criteria.

SMTPProvider Application v4.27.2

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Correct a styling issue when editing subscribers with custom fields.

SMTPProvider Application v4.27.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Support CR as a line-ending for suppressed address imports.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Webview links in preview emails on split-test campaigns now show the correct content.

SMTPProvider Application v4.27.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Provide a system-level option to automatically delete a campaign’s s_stat_sents entries X months after the campaign finished sending.

SMTPProvider Application v4.26.3

Bug Fixes

  • Add script to fix permissions after restoring a server.

SMTPProvider Application v4.26.2

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Fix a CSS issue in the subscriber import edit field association page that caused long text values to goof up the rest of the page.
  • Bug fix: Prevent values input for radio and selects from within Application from being parsed as labels instead of indices.
  • Bug fix: Fix a CSS bug that caused the check on the campaign page to show up incorrectly in Firefox.

SMTPProvider Application v4.26.1

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Subscriber Opened Campaign, Subscriber Clicked Link, and Subscriber In Campaign segments were not handling split-testing properly.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue with segmentation criteria editing. Browsers would sometimes overwrite campaign parameters.
  • Bug fix: Split-test campaign content editing would give a validation error if you delete and re-create a content with the same name in one editing session.

SMTPProvider Application v4.26.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Change to TinyMCE as Application’s default WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add a hidden system configuration option to change between TinyMCE, CKEditor, or no WYSIWYG. See the ‘Application Configuration’ documentation for more details.
  • Add a date range filter when viewing autoresponder statistics.
  • Present a file encoding validation error when creating a suppression list import.
  • Add ‘5’ as a pagination option.
  • Store the bounce text in the database and display it as a tooltip in the bounce table.
  • Revamp how the campaign show page presents what is needed to do to send the campaign.

SMTPProvider Application v4.25.2

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Paginate the autoresponders index.
  • Bug fix: User sign-in will no longer reject an active user if there’s a deleted user that had their email address.
  • Bug fix: Correctly distribute unsubscribes to the unsub suppression list.

SMTPProvider Application v4.25.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Remove newlines from campaign links.
  • Clean up column widths on the statistics comparison screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Resolve bug that prevents TSV subscriber imports from processing.
  • Bug fix: Organization auto suppression list distribution was distributing incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Fix up the subscriber import controller download method to send the file as the appropriate encoding.

SMTPProvider Application v4.25.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Automatic winner selection for split-tested campaigns.

SMTPProvider Application v4.24.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add SMTPProvider_campaign_id and SMTPProvider_statid replacement codes.
  • Provide an option to add custom email headers to mailing lists.
  • Allow users to enter replacement codes in global system email headers and mailing list email headers.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Fix regressions in suppression list import support for ISO-8859-1.
  • Bug fix: Set hidden custom fields on subscription web forms.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.6

New Features & Improvements

  • The suppression list importer is now massively faster.
  • Segmenting by subscriber domain is now faster.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.5

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: The content editor will no longer blank content when saving after toggling between tabs.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.4

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: The web forms dialog in the campaign editor was inserting replacement codes incorrectly.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.3

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Show the full range of number custom field segments that use ‘is between’.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Display click_to_open_rate and open_ratio as percents instead of decimals.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Boolean custom fields had their values displayed always as ‘false’, the shown value is now correct.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.1

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Autoresponder opens are now correctly accumulated.

SMTPProvider Application v4.23.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Campaign Templates: Campaign Templates can be managed in the ‘Campaigns’ menu.
  • Extensive User Permissions: Standard users may now have their permissions fine-tuned.
  • Some general improvements to the Autoresponders user interface.
  • New Segmentation Criterias: Date Unsubscribed, Date Spam Complained, Date Bounced
  • Improvements and speed boosts to the statistics view page.
  • Added a ‘Send a preview’ button on the autoresponder view page.
  • The segmentation criteria builder now shows an instructional message when you click on the reorder button.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Autoresponders now point to Engine’s ref tables, to prevent errors when deleting Virtual MTAs in Engine.
  • Bug fix: Segmentation criterion for ‘in mailing list’ and ‘custom field: number’ now display properly.

SMTPProvider Application v4.22.3

New Features & Improvements

  • Eliminate a race condition when creating a campaign’s delivery details.

SMTPProvider Application v4.22.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Restore the missing ‘Forms’ section in the campaign content editor.

SMTPProvider Application v4.22.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Add an s_system_configs.sub_in_any_camp_segments_enabled option to disable the ‘in any campaign’ segment, to avoid doing a full-table scan on s_stat_sents.

SMTPProvider Application v4.22.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Integrate with SMTPProvider Monitor.
  • Update language on the dialog warning that web form delivery settings haven’t been configured when trying to enable confirmation emails.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in the subscribers API that could prevent subscriber look-ups by email address from working.
  • Fix a bug in the subscribers API that would cause a 500 instead of a proper error when an invalid custom field was specified.
  • Fix a bug that could cause bounces to get stuck when distributing status to other mailing lists.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.10

New Features & Improvements

  • Restore URLs to the clicks table in statistics.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.9

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some critical errors found in 4.21.8.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.8

New Features & Improvements

  • Improve the performance of statistics pages.
  • Automatically restart worker processes once per day to clean up memory.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that could cause autoresponders to email subscribers that have unsubscribed during the delay.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would cause an error when trying to import a Day of Week custom field in a subscriber import.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.6

New Features & Improvements

  • Allow subscriber_id=0 on webviews and opens, preventing seed addresses from receiving an error.
  • Add a message when no stored segments exist when editing autoresponders.
  • Ensure that autoresponder reactions don’t cause destroying an autoresponder to fail.
  • Allow whitespace in usernames and passwords.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.5

New Features & Improvements

  • Change the button to enable a/b testing to be a simple green instead of the orange-ish color.
  • Do not show the content name field for campaigns that don’t use a/b testing.
  • Restore the 97{e1f175db23697bd69608ea5b832eb080d9598b74afa2d277df3e9f8851f69e4c} graphing algorithm.
  • Update bounce email view to get the proper iedomain_id for deleted domains that were formerly aliased.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would prevent hosted images from rendering in a campaign preview if those images had extended UTF-8 characters in their names.
  • Fix a bug that could cause deleted aliased domains to show up in the bounce email list.
  • Fix a bug that would cause campaign images with the same SHA-256 to overwrite each other after being modified.
  • Fix a bug that would cause autoresponders not to use named segmentation criteria.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.4

New Features & Improvements

  • Tweak how campaign preview images load their size for a glitch in IE11.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where subscribe_time was the same as confirm_time for subscribers on subscription web forms.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would cause the second filling out of a subscription web form to overwrite existing custom field data that isn’t on the second form.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would cause the generic web form template to be loaded in place of the previously saved custom content when editing web forms.

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Restore feature: copying html for subscription web forms

SMTPProvider Application v4.21.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add a system configuration option for global x headers. This allows system administrators to specify ‘X-‘ style headers that will be included in the headers in every email sent from SMTPProvider Application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an encoding bug in campaign content import from URL or file.

SMTPProvider Application v4.20.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Work-around a permissions issue in the campaign preview controller.
  • Improve the performance of the statistics show page.

SMTPProvider Application v4.20.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Add Date Subscribed segmentation criteria clause.
  • Add Confirm Time / Confirm IP to subscriber show page.

SMTPProvider Application v4.19.5

New Features & Improvements

  • Improve the performance of the statistics index page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would cause the max campaign image size to be shown incorrectly.
  • Fix a bug that would prevent attachments from attaching to a campaign.

SMTPProvider Application v4.19.4

New Features & Improvements

  • Add a new stored procedure for Engine to use when querying SendID reporting.

SMTPProvider Application v4.19.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that could cause deleting a seed list to fail when replacing both campaigns and mailing list values.

SMTPProvider Application v4.19.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Update unique index on seed lists to factor in organization id.

SMTPProvider Application v4.19.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Added A/B testing for campaigns and campaign statistics. ( )
  • Added ability to remove seed lists. ( )
  • Added support for exporting suppression lists. ( )
  • Added support for campaign attachments. ( )
  • Add the List-Unsubscribe header to autoresponder messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that would cause campaigns with multibyte UTF-8 characters to fail previewing.
  • Fix a bug when a List-Unsubscribe event comes in for a subscriber that has been deleted.

SMTPProvider Application v4.18.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Autoresponders are here! Here is a brief introduction video:
  • MD5s may now be added to suppression lists.
  • SMTPProvider Application now writes an X-Mailer header in emails it sends. White-labeling customers may configure the content of the X-Mailer header in the system configuration page of Application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in UTF-8 rendering in campaign previews which could cause a garbage character to appear in the preview image.

SMTPProvider Application v4.17.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Modify Details Web Forms are here! Learn how to use the feature in this video:
  • Added really attractive stylesheets options to the Subscription and Modify Details web forms.
  • System configs has a new option allowing the system to BCC all subscription confirmation emails to the specified address.
  • Added a banner to the campaign confirmation page, reminding the user that the campaign hasn’t yet been scheduled.

SMTPProvider Application v4.14.0.

New Features & Improvements

  • The wording when you click a confirmation link that has already been used has been improved.
  • We’ve added an Export button to the Statistics index page. This allows you to download a CSV file of the data in that screen. If you’ve filtered it down to a single mailing list, the CSV file you receive will only contain the entries for that mailing list. If you’ve got more than one page worth of statistics, the CSV file will include data for all of the pages.

SMTPProvider Application v4.13.0.

New Features & Improvements

  • We’ve added an API for campaigns. For more information on using it, please see our API documentation.
  • A new permission option was added to users to restrict standard users access to subscriber exports. Learn how to use this feature in this video:
  • There are now replacement codes available for Mailing List ID and Subscriber ID. Learn how to use them in this video:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in campaign images hosting that could cause too much HTML to be replaced when swapping out the URL for the replacement tag.
  • Campaign preview emails now include system and organization headers and footers.