Campaign Previews

SMTPProvider Application will send campaign previews.

Campaign Preview Configuration

In order to begin sending campaign previews, the campaign preview delivery settings must first be configured. To do so, do the following steps.

  1. Sign in as a system admin
  2. Under the Admin tab, click System
  3. Review the current settings under the Campaign Preview Defaults section
  4. Click Edit system configuration
  5. Configure all of Preview From Email, Preview From Name, Preview Virtual MTA, Preview URL Domain, and Preview Bounce Email in order to begin sending previews
  6. Preview Subject Prefix is an optional setting. If specified, this string will be inserted in the subject of all previews sent from Application, followed by the campaign’s subject.
  7. Click Update system configuration to save your changes

After configuring the preview settings, there will now be a Send a preview button when looking at a campaign which has content configured.

Sending a Campaign Preview

  1. Go to the campaign you wish to send’s page.
  2. In the Summary => Campaign Status section of this page, click Send a preview.
  3. Fill in the text box with the addresses to which you want to send the preview.
  4. Click Send this preview.
  5. Emails will then be sent to the specified addresses containing the content of the campaign.

If the campaign had delivery settings specified already, then those will be used in the test mailing instead of the campaign preview defaults.