Top 6 Reasons why Email Marketing is Crucial for your Business |

Top 6 Reasons why Email Marketing is Crucial for your Business

Top 6 Reasons why Email Marketing is Crucial for your Business

Nowadays, in almost every business digital strategies have evolved, a question often comes to mind is email marketing still important in 2022? The simple answer is YES. Creating an effective email marketing strategy will help you reach and connect with your potential customers in a personalized way and also increase sales at an affordable cost. It is just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing tools will give your business the capability of reaching customers easier than ever.

In this blog, we have discussed about top 6 reasons on the significance of email marketing and how it can help you to grow your business:

1. Reach customers in real-time

According to the report of Litmus approx 54% of all emails were opened on a mobile. This is important and must come into play before planning any marketing strategy. These day more and more customers are using their mobiles to access not only emails but all types of media and information. Not only that, well-designed emails will surely produce higher conversion rates on mobile than any other platform.

2. Email Marketing is Easy to Measure

The majority of email marketing tools will offer the capability of tracking what is happening after you have sent out your email campaign. You can track delivery rates, bounces rates, CTR and a lots more. This will also provide you a clear understanding of how your email campaigns are working. Hence, you should not overlook these metrics. These metrics play a crucial role in making your internet marketing campaign as a whole

3. Helps to Stay connected with your Target Customers

Emails have the capability of keeping your customers informed. Consumers are also able to check their mails when it is convenient for them. It ill provide them a strong feeling that you are thinking of them. Therefore, they will likely enjoy these mails and it will also increase engagement with your existing customers.

4. Engage your audience with emails

Email has been considered a form of communication for a long time. Email is rapidly becoming one of the preferred choices of communication. We have all been groomed in such a way whether it is to reply, to forward, CTR, sign up, etc. We need to always tend to do something with the email. Knowing this, you can also use email to drive people to your website, or any other call to action. Moreover, according to a report more than 25% of sales last year were attributed to email marketing.

5. It is Cost-Effective

Yes, you heard that right. You can reach a large number of audience for less than pennies per emails. The cost per conversion is very low with email marketing, but still every company does not participate , or engage frequently.

6. Increase Brand Awareness

It is a myth that these days social media is only the platform that will help a company’s brand awareness. Email marketing will also give you the ability to increase the engagement level, brand awareness. However, this does not means to send five daily emails to every single customer.

This is a great way to get customers to hate you. Instead, you should try some email marketing that will also promote your activeness in the local community. Many times companies try to sell their products via email marketing and completely ignore the brand awareness factor. By doing so, they are also prohibiting the final possibility of building customer trust by adding a sense of personality to their brand.


We have provided you with a depth of information about email marketing and the significance of email to today’s entrepreneurs. It’s a lot to take in, but we’re sure you’ll profit if you’re persistent in using email to communicate with your audience. Looking for the best email marketing service? You have come to the right place. SMTP Providers make it as simple as possible for you to not only send emails to your target audience but also to get their email addresses.