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Refund Policy

  1. Our services.

SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd offers you best-in-class support and services on various domain starting from email address management, email campaign development, bulk email & transactional email.

  1. Termination and suspension of Services.

SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd may by or without notice terminate the services temporarily or permanently at any point of time provided to its clients and consumers.

  1. Refund procedure.

If SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd suspends your account with cause, which involves but is not bounded to any infringement of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), or temporarily or permanently prevent your account from continuing with subscriptions and services offered by SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd,  no refunds of fees will be initiated.

If SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd suspends your account and terminates services without cause and prior notice, you may be qualified to a pro rata refund. This pro rata refund will be a part of your monthly subscription which has not yet discontinued or the segment of your email credits which have not been consumed at the time of termination. A pro-rata calculation will be applied to determine the appropriate amount of your refund in-relation-to your subscription and time-span of service.

  1. Data Validation.

You will not be eligible for a refund on data validation where the records have previously been submitted to the validation system.

  1. Reasons for account suspension and/or termination.

SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd users and customers are asked to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use, Security Policy, the entirety of this Services Refund Policy as well as any applicable law. SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd holds the right to suspend and/or terminate all the services offered by SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd if SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd finds any infringement of any of the previously mentioned policies and/or any applicable laws.

  1. Follow instructions.

Please go through all the directives attentively that come with the services offered by SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd. For instance,  any information written, printed or recorded that helps you utilize our services. Do follow for further assistance regarding using our service.

  1. Cooling-off time span.

Related electronic transactions rule may implement to your electronic transactions. If you suit as a user under the relevant electronic transactions act, you may be empowered to cancel some electronic transactions within seven days, without cause or penance. The appropriate stipulations of the applicable electronic transactions rule are only relevant if you are a human being. You must also be the end user of the service. The transaction must be an electronic transaction in nature – a transaction concluded via (in whole or in part) the website or email.

  1. Warranty policy.

We assure that we will implement all our services as soon as reasonably possible after you have notified us that you would like us to start rendering the services.

  1. Refund policy in terms of cooling-off period.

The power to cancel does not refer to the services where you have provided us with your consent to render them to you within seven days of receiving your request.

  1. Pre-payment of services & Refund Policy.

We assure you that you will be eligible to get a refund for the services within the period of 30 days of the date on which you have cancelled the order if the power to cancel does implement and you have prepaid the price of the services.

  1. Services & Solutions.

Should you feel that the service that was presented in a desired way, not up to the mark or not of a level of degree that a common person would expect you can claim that the service is dissatisfying.

  1. Statutory reimbursement.

You will be eligible for a refund for an unsatisfactory service if you submit a successful claim. Please do follow the rules and regulations regarding refund policy.

  1. Choice of reimbursement.

Any customer that is also a consumer under the appropriate consumer law may determine whether we should either, render them with supplementary services to change or refund them for inadequate service. We will determine how to satisfy any of our other customers.

  1. Warranty on remedies.

All supplementary services to remedy inadequate service will be Provided from our end as soon as reasonably possible after you chose for us to, or we opt to correct any dissatisfying service. This an affirmation from SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd to all its customers.

  1. Methods for refunds from other service providers.

Consumers of other service providers (such as downstream service providers who pass on our services to other customers) must submit claims for dissatisfying services undeviatingly to that service provider. Customers must use the accurate refund method. To know more about the details of the refund method please contact the customer services department of the appropriate service provider.

  1. Hold-ups in rendering services.

In spite of our dedication in offering quick service that we agree to our customers, there may be some delays in providing service which is not our fault. A notification will be sent regarding the delay of providing services generated by causes beyond our authority

  1. Place, date and time for rendering services.

Except for when the services are rendered over the Internet, We are keen enough to provide you with the services in the given time, place and date. We will notify you and arrange a new place, date and time if we are unable to provide you with the service on the given time and venue.

  1. Assignment of the services.

We may assign our rights and duties under the agreement, incorporating our commitment to implement the services to you, to any successor or buyer of our business or some of our assets. Any successor or buyer will offer substitute services comparable to ours that are fairly convenient to you.

  1. Refunds procedure of services

To get a refund please follow our refund policy and leverage to proper method. You should remember that SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd has the right to cancel the process of refund if your process does not comply with the norms stated below.

To fill the refund request form or to ask the customer services department to email the for to you please visit the link (

Fill the form by stating the reason behind your dissatisfaction along with your contact details and date and place of the purchase.

Do send the refund claim form to the customer service. Our Customer services will be contacting you with a refund claim number within 24 hours. In case your do not get any response please contact them.

If our customer service department feels that you are not eligible to get a refund they can immediately refuse to pay a refund.

You will be notified the moment we get your refund claim. We will start reviewing your claim real soon and investigate the validation of your claim. We will generate a report regarding whether we consider the services offered by us were of a level of quality that a common person would require that type of service or not.

If we find that the service we provided was of a level of quality that a common person would require then we will inform you immediately that we will be unable to confirm a refund and we will be sending a written report regarding the unconfirmed refund.

If we find that the service offered to you was not the level best or the service was below the level of quality that a common person would require and that promised to us, then our Customer services will be contacting you to notify you of the further steps to follow to get the refund.

  1. Dispute resolution.

If we do not affirm that we implemented an unacceptable service, and our customer services division has not been supportive enough to assist, any customer may still take the matter up with a proper ombudsman or other dispute resolution persona, or take legal action. The dispute resolution methods under the appropriate consumer law do not fundamentally affect to all transactions with us. This policy does not exclude any other powers customers may possess.

  1. SMTPProvider Pvt Ltd Customer services department contact details.

Below are the contact details of our Customer services department.

Email address:

  1. Customer inquiries and objection.

We strive for absolute customer happiness. We appreciate our customers’ priorities and perpetually attempt to meet specified standards with best practice and all applicable rules. If you are not convinced with any of our services or have any questions, please contact our customer services department and have your invoice ready. Our dedicated team will try their level best to resolve your problem.