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Earn 20% commision

Anyone with a website can earn extra cash by joining our affiliate programme.

  • 20% commission on affiliate sales
  • Regular pay-outs and NO setup costs
  • Wide choice of banner designs to suit your website
  • Click to become an Affiliate

How it works

We've endeavored to influence our affiliate programme as accessible, straightforward and beneficial for you as could reasonably be expected.

How Much Can You Earn?

Plan 12 : 20% commission


A Plan 12 deal would produce a partner $80 commission specifically through SMTPProvider.

How Do You Start Earning?

  1. If you haven't already, setup an SMTPProvider affiliate account.
  2. Place our banner ads on your website.
  3. Login to your SMTPProvider account.
  4. Click on the Affiliates sub-menu (not the Affiliates link at the top of the page, but the one half-way down, on the right of "Open Ticket").
  5. You will see Your Unique Referral Link showed on the page. Copy this code and utilize it as the URL link on any of our banner advertisements.
  6. At the point when a guest taps on any of our standard promotions on your site, they will be taken to the SMTPProvider site and a cookie is saved on their PC (unless they have impaired this component). On the off chance that the guest at that point puts in a request with the cookie present (it goes on for 90 days) you will win a commission.
  7. When you have come to over $200 commission, you can log a ticket to ask for a credit on your facilitating account with us, or request that we send you a check. Simple peasy.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply to all clients of the SMTPProvider affiliate scheme.

  1. If it's not too much trouble guarantee you read and completely comprehend these terms, as by joining to the affiliate scheme you are consequently affirming that you completely acknowledge the terms and conditions of the SMTPProvider affiliate scheme.
  2. You may not utilize spam or spam-like strategies as an approach to advance this affiliate programme.
  3. Try not to include your affiliate link(s) to pornographic sites, any adult sites or to any site which may bring the name of SMTPProvider Ltd into offensiveness.
  4. Do not utilize your own affiliate link(s) to arrange or to enlist for administrations for use independent from anyone else or your association.
  5. Commission will be paid upon your request, and will be in either the type of a check,paypal, or added to your record as store credit.
  6. As our administrations are given a 30 day money back guarantee, commission will be just credited following a 30 day clearing period. In that capacity, you will get the credit for a sale after 30 days have passed from the date of the order, provided the order is still active and a refund has not been requested.
  7. If a visitor clicks on another affiliate link during the 90 days, the new affiliate link will replace yours.
  8. Payments will be made on amounts over and above $200 USD of cleared commission only.
  9. Your affiliate account is bound to the terms specified on this page and inability to follow them may bring about quick deactivation of your affiliate account and seizure of your current payments.
  10. In the event that we feel, in view of our very own conclusion, that you have abused, or have occupied with any type of deceptive activities or negligence, we may deactivate your affiliate account whenever, and ask for that you stop advancement quickly.
  11. We maintain whatever authority is needed to change, adjust and alter these principles, and the estimations of the commission rate and payment threshold, without earlier warning.