to Make Your E-mails Bug-free !

Most often than not, you find certain malware hampering e-mail progression on your system. Are your worried about that? Well, obviously, you will be. So, what measures you have taken to secure your mail delivery and system against malware? If you have downloaded any ordinary antivirus programs, watch out, the bugs might not get wiped out completely.

To help you in this regard, has recently launched a campaign to free your mails and system from the clutches of computer bugs. Helping the SMTP provider in this pursuit is COMODO hacker proof services.

Yes, has started delivering Comodo SSL services to their clients. This hacker proof software is typically designed to prevent e-mails, other internet-based programs and your system from viruses.

Secured Socket Layer protocol is necessary for a secure and encrypted internet connection and COMODO SSL certification makes this SSL protocol authentic and trusted.

Access to COMODO software has made a more trusted and secured SMTP provider now. To make services fast and un-interruptive, the site,, is tested on daily basis.

COMODO HackerProof software has helped the SMTP provider in rectifying major known vulnerabilities. Now that they have passed COMODO vulnerability test and gained access the trusted site seal, is all set to tackle latest security threats on its website.

COMODO’s certificate is included with wide range of profile, such as Organisational Validation certificates, Extended Validation certificates, Unified Communications certificates, Domain Validation certificates and Multi-Domain certificates. To complete this validation process is not a mean task; it signifies the quality of services offers to clients.

The layered security in your e-mail sending has been heightened by a mile. Now you can send e-mails to clients without having to worry about security and confidentiality.

Antivirus, firewall and COMODO cleaning essentials are effective in detecting malware and fixing the problems as soon as possible. Host-based intrusion prevention system protects internet programs from unknown applications and malware. has given a new shape to your e-mail marketing campaign. Now you can wish for high growth and satisfy your customers’ queries effectively through mails.