Carrying your Email Marketing Campaign Further

Most marketers have to say a lot about the troublesome experiences felt while sending emails. Many are worried about the proper delivery of emails to the recipients’ inbox and it becomes all the more difficult to email while travelling. Are you one of them, feeling the brunt of inefficient mail server? If yes, can provide a solution for your emailing needs.

To let you know, is a prominent SMTP server provider and offers several key features to help in flawless and hassle free emailing.

Now you can transact emails to all corners of world, even while on the go. Just get connected with SMTP server on your laptop, smart-phone or PDA and experience hassle free emailing while travelling. The best part of is that you do not have to change the server settings frequently.

The Tech-Advantage of

Designed with latest and advanced technology, facilitates un-interruptive connection and assures successful email delivery at anytime of the day.

There are certain factors giving this server provider an edge over others in fray.

Switchover Cluster Infrastructure: empowers its clients with the latest Switchover Cluster Infrastructure technology. It ensures flawless and hassle free email delivery, as this server provider owns various server settings around the world.

Dedicated IP Server:   Each premium user of is offered the facilities of dedicated server, which helps in maintaining positive reputation of IP address on shared network.

Unlimited Email Sending: does not limit the volume of your emails, so now you can send as many mails as you want.

Services provided by

Mass Emailing:   Most marketers find it difficult to send bulk emails on other networks, but facilitates mass email delivery. You can send promotional emails and newsletters to anywhere in the world without any extra resource, time and expenses.

Transactional Email Delivery:   A positive reputation of IP is must to transact emails in easy manner. maintains your IP reputation thus ensuring a hassle free transactional email delivery.

Tracking and Reporting of Emails:   Now you can keep track of mail deliveries. facilitates maximum status delivery of your mails. You are given updated information on delivery, bounced, complains, suspension to queue reports.

Cloud SMTP:   For guaranteed email delivery, facilitates best technology in business. Cloud SMTP ensures fast and effective email delivery and does not need to maintain an in-house host server.

Positive reputation of IP:   It’s essential to maintain positive IP reputation in the world of email communication. constantly monitors and adjusts the sender reputation by incorporating IP reputation management services.

Avoid Junk Mail Delivery:   A clean IP address ensures that no mails jump into junk mail box. helps a lot through their services to avoid junk mail delivery.

With such high quality services, helps a lot in the successful email marketing campaign.

Last but not the least; each and every services are offered to you at affordable price. Now, you can think of saving cost and at the same time flourish your marketing campaign to the hilt.