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Online market is thriving big in the present times; e-mail marketing is the hottest marketing strategy in the online world. Through this powerful way, marketers can envisage large sales figure and also bring prospective consumers to their website.

According to some recent market studies, almost 75 percent businesses put in 15 to 50 hours in e-mailing their clients. However, it’s a time consuming marketing strategy but if you decide to implore certain e-mailing software, it can become easier and less time consuming.

Of late, e-mail verifier tool has been making the e-mailing process easier for the marketers. With this software, you can look-up, validate, check and verify any e-mail Ids of your choice. Most commonly, people use this software to check whether the recipients’ e-mail address is existent or not, by doing this, they can save lots of time spend in sending e-mails.

Most of the marketers prefer to send bulk messages to their clients, as emails sent in bulk can save ample amount of time and money to them. Message sending failure is a common worry for the e-mailers, who are sending bulk e-mails.

The e-mail verifier tool is designed to meet such requirements of the e-mailers. You can feed individual e-mail Ids on the tool and get to know whether they are active or not.

So, for effective e-mail marketing, you need to go with a reliable verifier tool, which can not only trace the e-mail Ids but also can look up and validate other related process as well.

Some of the high quality e-mail verifier tools offer you following services

Validate Format:   Usually, if the type of text is not as per the set requirement, error appears above the question. You are denied visit to the next pages until you edit the error message and rectify the format errors. The reliable e-mail verifier software helps you through such problems by premeditatedly letting you know of the standard format requirement.

Validate Domain:   The e-mail verifier tools also verify the validation of domain name by singling out the top level domain from the basic top level domain. While sending e-mails, the tool, at first, verifies e-mail Ids with the top-level domain and processes the messages forward, only if it is found to be valid.

Validate User:   With the e-mail verifier tool, you can also validate whether the user is active or not. The prominent software also helps in keeping your mailbox clean so as not to fall your messages to the invalid users.

As you all know that sending messages to the invalid users can result in blocking of your IP address by the ISP mail, it is essential that you find a trustworthy email verifier tool that is only available at, a reliable SMTP service provider