Put an End to Email Delivery Troubles with SMTPProvider.com

Are you having trouble sending emails? Worried about your email not reaching the destination address? Finding it difficult to email effectively while travelling? If you seem to answer these questions with a ‘yes’, the solution lies with SMTPProvider.com.

Well, SMTPProvider.com is an affordable solution to all your emailing purposes that allows you to email from all corners of the world while on the go. With the help of the SMTP server, you can easily send emails from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, and PDA while on the go. What works best for SMPPRovider.com is that it frees you from the trouble of changing server setting for the outgoing emails.

The Tech-Advantage of SMTPProvider.com

Designed at the par of advanced technology, SMTPProvider.com helps you to stay connected always guaranteeing effective delivery of the emails to a particular address. If you might tend to wonder about what gives SMTPProvider.com the edge above the others, here is a look at the defining aspects –

Switchover Cluster Infrastructure – SMTPProvider.com is empowered by the advanced application of switchover cluster infrastructure ensuring a smoother and effective email delivery. The catch lies with owning multiple settings of servers across the world.

Dedicated IP Server – SMTPProvider.com ensures offering a dedicated server to each premium user. Well, having a dedicated IP under your name allows you to maintain good and positive reputation of your IP, even if on a shared network.

Unlimited Email Sending – With the advanced technology of SMTPProvider.com in your assistance, you can send emails according to your wish and needs without any preset limit. SMTPProvider.com is an easy and effective solution to your emailing needs, especially when brought in comparison with other web-based email programs.

The Services Offered by SMTPProvider.com

The integration of advanced technology in designing the SMTP Server has indeed offered an edge to the services provided by SMTPProvider.com. Here, is a quick look at the services offered by the advanced server in the world of emailing –

1.  Allows Mass Email Delivery – If you are finding it tough to send bulk emails to clients and consumer spread across the world, the solution lies with SMTPProvider.com. From promotional emails to newsletters, the advanced server allows an easy sending and delivery of emails without the help of extra resource, time, and expense.

2.  Allows Easy Delivery of Transactional Emails – SMTPProvider.com allows an effective sending and delivery of transactional emails by maintaining a positive reputation of the IP in the world of email communication.

3.  Allows Tracking and Reporting of Emails – SMTPProvider.com ensures maximum status visibility allowing you to keep a track and maintain a sending and delivery report of emails. The status include updated information on everything ranging from delivery, complains, bounced, deferment to queue reports.

4.  Cloud SMTP – The SMTP server at SMTPProvider.com is designed at par advanced computing technology ensuring better and guaranteed delivery of emails. Well, the advanced technology allows you to be free of the hassle or compulsion of maintaining an in-house email server host.

5.  Allows Maintaining a Positive Sender Reputation – In the world of email marketing, it is important for you to create and maintain a positive reputation of the IP for ensuring proper sending and delivery of emails. SMTPProvider.com ensures maintaining a positive IP reputation management through continuous adjustments and monitoring.

6.  Offers Dedicated IP to Premium Users – SMTPProvider.com ensures offering a dedicated IP to senders of high volume mails, especially over 200k each month. Premium users of the plan and subscription are assured of effective email delivery as per the application of sending pattern. The dedicated services include SPF authentication, IP address warm-up, IP reputation management, and DKIM integration.

7.  Avoid Delivery of Emails in Junk – Well, to communicate via emails effectively, it is required to maintain a positive and good reputation of the IP. SMTPProvider.com with its advanced technology support helps maintaining a clear IP address ensuring that your emails are sent and delivered effectively to the recipient�s inbox. It ensures that the emails are not turned junk during the email delivery process.

8.  Lowest Emailing Costs – SMTPProvider.com offers a solution to your emailing needs at lowest cost possible. It offers a number of packages suited best for distinct users with varied email needs.

Well, the edge of the services offered by SMTPProvider.com lies in the fact that it offers advanced technology support and distinct services at affordable cost in comparison to other emailing servers. By subscribing to specific plans catering to interest, you can easily send 1000 to 10 million emails switching between 2 to 10 users either on a shared network or through a dedicated IP.
SMTPProvider.com offers an easy subscription at the lowest cost of $20 allowing you to send 25,000 emails switching between three users. You can also subscribe for a dedicated IP by taking up plans starting from $100, which allows you to send up to 150,000 emails switching between five users.

SMTPProvider.com accepts payments made through PayPal and assures complete security in the process. Swift sending and delivery of emails is assured with SMTPProvider.com